Apple Dispute with Samsung makes the court to reject evidence


Apple and Samsung have long been in a fierce legal battle. The parties appear even with each other arguing over where to sit in the courtroom.Samsung thought it was just easier to copy the iPhone than to invent an original design. Apple has argued about the second hearing of the lawsuit over patent infringement.

Samsung's documentation focuses on the timeline of the development of the F700, the company is trying to show that they had the touch screen technology before the unveiling of the first iPhone.

According to Apple, Samsung has certain features of the iPhone like the physical keyboard replaced by the touch screen. This would also apply to other aspects of the device and Apple would have taken big risks with its unique design at the time, and even its survival is at stake since manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung mobile dominate the phone market .

After the first iPhone
came suddenly with Samsung touchscreen, Apple maintains about findingthe similarity between iPhone / iPad and Samsung products. Apple showed pictures of Samsung before and after the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. In 2006, the Korean cell phones are ordinary buttons and an elongated housing, a few years later, the sudden appearance of the youchscreen glass and rounded corners. Samsung also referred to patents include LG Electronics on a glass screen.

Samsung relies primarily on 3G patents. The South Korean company will try to convince the jury about the fact that Apple is new in the mobile market and making use of many techniques that Samsung has ever invented.
For this to be so named two patents which monitor to connect via 3G. There are patents on sending e-mail (with or without photo) from smartphones with a camera, switching between different views of photos and pictures and playing music in the background.
Apple will argue that this is where broad patents based on FRAND terms licenses are to be issued.
These patents are so important that competitors could hardly ignore. If a company with a patent holder as knocking Samsung, Samsung is mandatory in a fair manner and at a reasonable price for a license to offer.

Apple claims over $2.5 billion because of damages caused by Samsung. The damage occurred because fewer products would be sold. Moreover, the iPhone maker compensation for revenue that Samsung has made with products that violate patents.
Samsung has no official requirement outwardly presented, but Apple says the company wants to average $14.40 per iPhone or iPad. How many devices have been sold in the United States, it is not known. Probably that is compensation in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is unclear what penalties will be applied to Samsung, which has made no friends in court with the release of these documents. The court has heard the statements of both companies, and it is clear that both have good points, it is without doubt be a difficult decision.
Apple does not agree with the requirements of Samsung. The company claims that Samsung had decided his claims at trial to seek treatment. In addition, Apple measure the effect that the parties must exchange daily table, which is simply not practical.


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