Apple does not leave in the second week of October


In line with&#one hundred sixty;AppleInsider&#one hundred sixty;notes Apple requests (retail) workers all the way down to the 2nd week of October to take depart.&#one hundred sixty;It might be particular on October 12 and 14 and Oct. 15, stated insiders throughout the Net.&#one hundred sixty;This is able to point out that Apple has an additional inflow of shoppers who are expecting to do with the introduction of the brand new -iOS 5 firmware, the launch of icloud and fifth-technology iPhone.

The first data should be related with the official release of the iOS-5 for existing users. 
informed earlier AppleCare division that has since Monday, October 10 should take into account an increase in iOS-related questions from customers. This suggests that Apple plans to iOS 5 on Oct. 10 to officially release.

Remarkably, Twitter on October 12th two sessions developer who organizes a strong emphasis on the new Twitter integration in iOS. Twitter hopes the sessions using Twitter services in iOS 5 an extra boost. Currently finds the iOS software is still in beta stage with its agreement (NDA) that details about the software not be brought out. The developer planned sessions suggest therefore around October 10 iOS five will be officially released,
so this agreement no longer applies.

It is not unusual for Apple's new iOS Software for several days before the introduction of a new iPhone ban. So come on June 21 iOS 4 was available on the iPhone 4 on sale June 24. The other dates, 14 and October 15, thus almost certainly refer to the time the new iPhone (s) available is / are. Until now, Apple chose a Friday is always to create a new iPhone on the market. It is obvious that the company is doing this year.

The early dates are likely to be related to the release of iOS 5 . The new Apple operating system would emerge in this range. Employees would then be available to provide various information for beginners in this field. To continue, 14 and October 15 must be related to the iPhone 5 , the next phone from Apple.

The latest reports have Apple media event for the official launch of iOS, icloud and the new iPhone (s) scheduled on Oct 4This would mean that Apple has a span of 10 days continues to advance sales of the fifth generation iPhone (s).


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