Apple donated $500,000 to fight poverty in the U.S.



Apple Inc. has donated $500,000 to a local San Francisco charity SF Gives, which is organized to help people in need, according to  Forbes. This organization was founded startups founders Salesforce and Tipping Point. The initiative was joined by other IT- companies like Google, LinkedIn, Zynga.

SF Gives organizers plan to collect $10 million to fight against poverty in San Francisco. The action will be attended by 20 companies from the field of high technologies. According to the participants of the project , the best way to repay people for their dedication – to give society a part of what they have earned. The companies hope that their money will help those who ” really needs it .”

Initiative is designed to smooth the emerging social contradictions in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Many believe that Google, Apple and other IT- corporations are guilty of a sharp increase in housing prices. In particular , the residents of San Francisco complained that moving to the city more affluent high-tech specialists led to a strong increase in the price of rent, which can not afford ordinary citizens .

It should be noted that this is not the first charity event , which involved Apple. “Fruit “, the company has long worked with the organization (RED), creating a special series of products in red, to help in the fight against AIDS. Percentage of the profits from the sale of these products is transferred to the Global Fund to finance programs to fight AIDS in Africa. Apple’s Fund to Fight AIDS already exceeded $ 70 million

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