Apple has just made public the financial results of the second quarter (Q2) of 2019 financial, which runs from the months of January to March. With an income of $58 billion, it is the second best Q2 in its history, with the iPad as major players growing as they had not done in the past six years, and with an increasingly important Services sector.

However, news for the iPhone is not good, as sales continue to fall. Although it no longer discloses the units sold of iPhone, iPad or Mac, it does break down the revenues for each of these categories, and the revenues from the most successful smartphone in the world continue to fall.

The Apple tablet seems to have hit bottom a few quarters ago and little by little it is showing an increasingly positive trend. The strategy of having a more affordable model and other more models at higher prices seems to be paying off, and sales of Apple’s tablet are slowly coming back. This quarter accounted for some $4.9 billion in revenue, a 22% increase compared to the same quarter of the previous year with $4 billion in revenue.

In March, Apple launched the new iPad Air, but its effect on revenue will not have been significant in this first quarter and we will have to wait until next to see if it helps to improve this upward trend. With an iPad 2018 as an input device, the aforementioned iPad Air as mid-range, and two iPad Pro models marking the top of the range, Apple wants everyone who wants an iPad to have the model they are looking for, and it seems to be working.

Apple Services continue its unstoppable rise and set a new record with revenues of $11.5 billion, 16% more than the same quarter last year and 50% more than five years ago. And that has not yet reached Apple’s big bet, its news and television service, announced in the last Keynote of March and with which Apple wants the piece of cake that takes this category to be every time bigger size.

Wearables, home automation, and accessories continue to grow
Another record that breaks this quarter comes from the hand of this category that includes devices such as Apple Watch, AirPods or HomePod. With an increase that is close to 50% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, this category, previously almost disregarded, now represents a not insignificant figure of $5 billion.

Income obtained with the iPhone falls with respect to the quarter of the previous year. This Q2 2019 has supposed an income of $31 billion, a number that does not stop being excellent, but that when compared with the $37.6 billion that were obtained during the same quarter of 2018 is bad.

Despite these bad figures, Tim Cook says they are optimistic because they have seen a good trend in China.

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