Apple Watch


Apple Watch

After randomly selecting participants for the WWDC 2015 to benefit from an “override” an Apple Watch Sport, Apple seems to be randomized treatment to Watch Apple Watch pre-orders of its customers .

Among the readers and messages posted on social networks we are not able to find a pattern that would explain a given period, early delivery on the announced date, etc. Thus, it seems fairly clear that the shipments are haphazardly with varying luck. Thus, for the same model, controlled with 30 minutes apart and announced to the two customers for delivery between May 12 and May 26, the one who ordered later saw its order status change to “shipped” on Apple Store …

9to5Mac reports that in the US,  Apple sent an email to a few customers to inform them of an early delivery between April 24 and May 8 for initially expected proceeds June.

Apple watch order
Among the first to enter the Apple Store Opera and you discover the Apple Watch video, watches of writing should only happen in mid-May in spite of orders in the first few minutes of opening of sales.

With its “new launch formula” inaugurated for the Apple Watch, the California firm definitely confuses and risk incurring the wrath of his fans.

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