iPhone Firmware

iPhone FirmwareSenior software engineer at Apple Greg Christie told about how preparations were first-generation iPhone. Greg had never spoken publicly about the development of the ” Apple” smartphone , reveal some moments he had as part of the trial between Apple and Samsung.

According to the engineer , Samsung has violated more than five patents Apple, one of them is registered in his name, describes the function “Slide to unlock”. Greg began work on the iPhone long before the device was unveiled .

“At the end of 2004, when Christie was working on an operating system for computers Apple Macintosh, to his office came Scott Forstall , head of software development . He closed the door and asked if he wanted to work on a secret project codenamed «purple». Team had to create a phone with a touch screen and an integrated multimedia player , “- writes WSJ.

Greg agreed. The team responsible for the firmware for the iPhone, was quite small .

” Christie was trying to achieve the ideal of scroll speed on a smartphone and natural rebound effect when the end of list you are viewing . According to him , the team struggled for a long time working to change the order of the messages from the history list in a series of dialogues in the manner of computer messenger . “

Engineer for six months twice a month spent closed presentation software for the iPhone Steve Jobs. The room was without windows and was located on the second floor of the Apple headquarters in Cupertino. Access there has been only a few employees.

In January 2007, Steve Jobs officially introduced the first iPhone. However, at the time of the presentation of the work on the machine was still far from complete. In fact, the gadget that Jobs showed off the stage , was unfinished prototype. He was turned down when trying to run in a sequence -mail or Safari, completely lose track or video applications have been left unfinished . Even the dress rehearsal performances Jobs iPhone periodically dropped calls, hang on and off . Smartphone has been unable to work longer than 60 minutes without rebooting.

Apple engineers had to develop a specific sequence of actions by which Jobs could show possible while still ” raw ” device.

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