Analyst Ming Chi Kuo has submitted a report to investors of KGI on the speaker, as well as some of the specifications of the iPhone is now known as iPhone SE, its price, which the Chinese analyst will be around $ 400-$500. He dare not give specific deadlines on when to start mass production, saying only that will begin soon.

Kuo believes that Apple sent (which is not the same as selling) 12 million units in 2016, and consider that the iPhone 5s see its low price, which might seem logical but it is not so if we consider that already She lowered its price last September. Total shipments of iPhones 4 inches will, according to the analyst, an increase of 131% over last year, reaching 37 million units.

The clearest difference between the design of the iPhone 5s and iPhone SE 4 inches will be in the glass coating “2.5D”, which refers to glass rounded ends that first arrived on the iPhone 6. According to renderings leaked, the other big difference is the position of the sleep button that will be at the top on the right hand, as it is in the iPhone 6 and 6s. Inside, Kuo believes the iPhone SE (although the analyst never mentions the name) will processor A9 (and, therefore, co-processor M9), main 12MP camera and NFC chip to make payments with Apple Pay. What nobody talks about is the Touch ID that come with the next iPhone than 4 inches, but most likely considering all you have inside is that it is the second generation that is present in the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.

IPhone SE, or 5se or 6c, will be presented at an event expected to take place on March 15, but a last rumor that comes from Korea says will be delayed one week until day 22. If the forecasts are met the rest of time, may be for sale 3 days later.

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