There are rumors concerning the subsequent iPhone technology of cellular iOS instrument and lately has emerged one the place it’s stated that Apple is presently engaged on now not one, no longer two, however three iPhone 5 prototypes.


According to the reports, a Taiwanese website, Apple is testing three prototypes for the iPhone's fifth generation.

It may be strange, but it is said that one of the prototypes has sliding QWERTY keyboard.

The other one is for the foundation is now iPhone4
The hardware specifications to enhance
More powerful battery
Behind the footage of the supplier or large grain of light-based
current eight million and 12 million lenses supply prices nearly
So iPhone5 will use 800W or 1200W lens do?
If you take out the lens with 1200W file will eat up a lot of space too large for that
image file you upload video to the FB will be crazy like a cloud it
Therefore, under consideration or in business and 800 million tend to like (better than the current 500 million) 

Unfortunately, the Google translation is quite poor. If anyone can provide a better one please let us know. has a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple rumors. They produced photos of the iPod nano touchscreen, the white iPhone 4 cover and battery, and the MacBook Pro redesign before their release.

It is mentioned that one of these two could be a transitional device , similar to the iPhone 3G was released after the iPhone before the iPhone 3G and 5.

Finally, the site says that these are prototype does not necessarily become commercial products, these laboratory designs are created by Apple for approval to the form factor and response of IOS to other hardware
Note :
– It is also reported that the iPad 2 has at least one camera, will be thinner than the current version
– credibility is a site about Apple product leaks, previously published photos of a small touch screen device, which was later confirmed and is now called iPod Nano


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