Apple recently posted a statement on the Department of Justice and Apple requests to satisfy the request of the FBI to unlock an iPhone belonging to a suspected attacks. An Apple spokesman announced that the FBI has ignored civil liberties and fundamental rights in the case of unlocking the iPhone, further explaining the details of this case therefore is gaining attention worldwide. Apple executives took the opportunity to give us some revealing information about that makes clear the intentions of the FBI and the US government in all this.

According to Apple has always maintained, unlocking an iPhone is technically impossible without knowing the user’s key, at least for engineers Cupertino, but from the US government will not accept this prerogative, they insist that Apple should release devices iOS before judicial requests, indeed, urge him to put backdoors to enable the Government to to roam by the devices of citizens, not only of America but around the world, so from Apple refuse flatly.

Apple argues that the FBI has already had access to the data and that in any case placed “back doors” in their two devices help the authorities to violate the civil and fundamental rights of everyone. Thus, it appears that the government is using the excuse iPhone terrorist as just an excuse.

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