chargerApple smart  iWatch will be charged with the help of wireless technology , solar charging , or kinetic energy , according to the publication The New York Times , citing anonymous employees.

According to the newspaper , recently Apple is experimenting with wireless charging ways portable devices that will fit for smartphones and “smart” hours : by magnetic induction and charging from the user’s hand movements . The latter technique is familiar to users of wristwatches. Seiko, for example, has long offered its products for a series of Kinetic technology recharging the battery from the rotation of the flywheel kinetic energy is converted into electrical generator .

This technology enables the clock power for two days . On the third day in the absence of hand movements they stop arrows , continuing internal countdown for several weeks . Of course , iWatch will consume more power , but in this case there is room for some improvements.

Inductive charging method , in turn , is inconvenient in that the clock will be kept in the immediate proximity of the charging station. And if the office workers chained to the computer internal rules of organization, this option will fit , then supporters rolling lifestyle may suffer from such restrictions.

Former vice president Tony Fadell Apple , engaged iPod, said that for many years the company has tried to develop a battery that could be recharged by solar energy. However, the project turned out to be impractical : a smartphone or tablet rarely used on the street , and artificial light sources do not allow so effectively restore the battery .

In what form will stop the choice in the end Apple is difficult to say , maybe we will see a combination of technologies and recharging. Company spokesman to comment on the future development of Apple refused .

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