Apple Explained and Announced iTrafic, a new GPS service


It is going to in the end take a few days for speaking with Apple to get their act collectively and discuss concerning the well-known secret agent has already spilled a lot inkFor individuals who sadly ignored the educate, safety consultants have certainly realized that the iPhone was once recording the place of the consumer at common intervals and that each one these information have been then present in a file then electronic mail the agency . Suffice to assert that the information made ​​some gnash enamel and might subsequently say that the bitten apple was once anticipated on the flip.


The explanation is relatively simple and Apple is finally in a few words. In fact, according to the firm, the iPhone does not record the position of the user, no no no , the cabbage just nice phone actually simply list the location of masts and WiFi networks encountered by the latter.Why? Simply to allow the iPhone to connect faster then these relays.

Still according to the firm, determining the position of a phone with GPS is not viable because the connection can easily take several minutes. Based on these data, the iPhone reduces this period to a few seconds and can more easily find the GPS satellites and even more effectively triangulate its position. Hmm, so it was … Of course, on paper, it seems rather logical, but we can still wonder why these data are sent to the firm.

And again, Apple has found an answer: to pool resources. By building on the location data of its users, the firm can draw a map of all the GSM antennas and all the WiFi and thus improve reliability of its system. Ah, there, all-in-suite is already a lot more interesting especially since we can read the following FAQ on the recently updated to reassure users: " Apple is now collecting anonymous data traffic to participate in the development of a collaborative database, with the objective to provide iPhone users an improved traffic service in the coming years. "

This simply means, in French in the text, we could see one day landing a support service similar to what GPS provides already for a while Google Maps with its sister or what we can find on the dedicated products such as Tom-Tom et al. Suffice to say that the firm proves once again his talent for communication. No doubt indeed that the announcement of such service will not fail overshadow the concerns of users. Frankly, it's very hard on their part and we still wait to see what could provide a similar service.

Still, Apple has announced a series of up-to-day should end the controversy. Among the various changes announced, we can cite the reduction in the volume of data collected but also the planned destruction of this famous file when the user decides to disable this feature. Not forgetting, of course, a good shot of encryption story behind top it off. That said, it will take 5 to iOS that these fixes are in place. Fortunately, if you do not want Apple to  track your every move, this tutorial is for you.

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