Apple Exploring ‘Panic Mode’ For Touch ID



Apple continues to work to provide users with the best tools and technologies, so now the company has filed a new patent that provides greater security at the touch of the fingerprint reader.

This new patent is added to the iPhone the “panic mode” button, in which users can send notification when they in danger or threat.

The mode of operation of this “panic button” Apple will be easy, because first you have to activate the panic mode, being recognized by the iPhone to identify when touching the Touch ID with a different finger.

As we know, in a way Apple uses this feature, since the TouchID allows users to unlock the computer but in this case asks assign a finger to unlock the phone and enter this mode. By detecting the finger in particular, access to personal data would be limited, as it is known to be an emergency or you are trying to steal the team.

After the panic mode is activated, a connection via the Internet is established, enabling multimedia services, so you have the details of the geographical location of where we are, which are sent to the appropriate authorities for the necessary assistance.


Another use would be to take photos or videos of the thief and send the images to the owner iCloud account and the police. It could even enable the microphone to describe the thief or to sound the alarm that would not stop until safety is confirmed by the owner or sends a distress signal to nearby iPhones.

It also mentioned that it can assigned to specific fingers to make calls, unlock the computer or send location, but that does not sound so easy to remember in such cases. We’ll see if Apple implements this in future models.

(Source USPTO)

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