Have you ever used a paid account MobielMe had, may you continue to there unless June 2012 free to make use of. On the other hand, Apple inspired clients to modify to icloud. Most likely this transfer isn’t as clean as Apple had idea, since the closing date was once moved from 30 June to 30 september 2012. When Apple annouced iCloud last year, there were many people who had an ongoing MobileMe subscription. All paying customers were approximately one
year extension to their free time to transfer files. 

MobileMe customers who get paid for 20GB of storage 20GB icloud extra storage and MobileMe customers who get paid 40 to 60GB 50GB icloud-storage there.

An official announcement, Apple has not (yet) done. The change was noticed by Mac Otakara : they saw that the deadline was postponed from June 30 to September 30, 2012. A page of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Apple's website has been modified so that now the new date is listed.

After September, former MobileMe customers continue to pay for their storage space used.Switching to icloud is also possible, but after September 30, they get only 5GB of storage. For old customers even more encouraging to move was announced last month that Apple free versions of OS X Snow Leopard distributes to MobileMe users who use OS X Leopard.Concurrent with the installation of Snow Leopard, they can also move to icloud. For 125 million users switched to icloud, partly because you can make easy backups of apps on your iPhone, and because your music, apps and other content at any time to download. Apple makes little icloud, as was shown last month during a discussion of Apple's quarterly results. Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said that there was little income from icloud on the books will be found. It was mainly to the Apple user experience, not to sell additional storage. Whether that promise was sincere, the coming years in the accounts of Apple to dig.


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