e-booksApple filed a lawsuit demanding compensation for the damage incurred by the purchaser due to overpricing of electronic books in the United States. The plaintiffs argue that the iPhone maker should consumers $ 280 million , but require that the court forced the company to pay three times more.

Buyers of the 33 U.S. states filed to Apple lawsuit Manhattan demanding compensation for conspiring with publishers , which led to high prices for e-books in the U.S.. This lawsuit is a continuation won U.S. Department of Justice case against Apple in July 2013 , when the Federal Court in Manhattan found Apple guilty of conspiring to overbilling eBooks and antitrust violations .

The lawsuit was filed by the Ministry of Justice of the United States in early 2012 . According to prosecutors , in 2009, Apple persuaded five major U.S. publishers -Penguin Publishers, MacMillan, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster – the fact that she will be able to secure higher prices for the electronic book market and undermine the monopoly Amazon. By the time the world’s largest online retailer controlled 90 % of the market , selling new items and bestsellers for its Kindle device for just $9.99. Amazon repurchased rights from publishers to several pieces and set them on their own prices , which often were dumping .

As a result, Apple has received from the sale of e-books by 14.9 % more than it would using the wholesale model. In 2012, sales of e- books, music , movies and software have brought the company $12.9 billion , or 8.2% of total revenue.

The lawyer said Steve Berman , referring to expert estimates , Apple, earning this scheme harmed consumers in the amount of $280 million, with Berman insists that the court forced the corporation to pay three times as much – $840 million since July 2013 court ” convincingly demonstrated” the fact of price collusion . According to the lawyer , if the court rules on the payment of $840 million corporation , the plaintiffs get your hands on more tangible compensation. In this case $840 million account for only 0.5% of the $158.8 billion in cash, which , according to the Apple, she had at the end of 2013.

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