Various issuess and troubles continue to padd up to iOS 8 list, when Apple released several updates that seem to have decided most user problems. This time in the company sued because of the fact that the latest version of the operating system takes too much space in the memory of the iPhone with its minimum volume.

According to Siliconbeat report, in a lawsuit it is that iOS can take 8 to 23.1% Memory iPhone with a minimum volume of storage. At the same time Apple does not advertise this fact, than mislead consumers. Thus, the owner of a new iPhone with a storage capacity of 16 GB or who downloaded the update, do not have access to almost a quarter of the drive unit.

The suit authors note that this is a common practice that manufacturers abused. Apple accused that the fault of advertising and marketing tricks are forcing buyers to purchase smartphones seriously differ from the actual amount of memory installed software. This, in turn, can play havoc with the user when trying to take photos or record video of an important event.

Lawyers for the parties that nominated lawsuit intend to Apple’s financial compensation as well as policy changes refer to free memory for new devices. Special object in this case is going to be iOS 8, which, being preinstalled on the iPhone and iPad, or loaded as an upgrade takes obscenely a lot of free disk space. At the moment, the authors claim expect to achieve Apple’s answer to the court. [SiliconBeat]

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