Apple Fake Apps Appeared in Google Play


Apple-google-play Google Play media center called the “Wild West” in comparison with the App Store. A classic example of a search for “Hello World”: it seems like every beginner Android-developer feels the need to show everyone my very first program. Terms & Conditions section of Google Play (are there?) Allow, as a result, we have hundreds of Hello World. Sorry – they have.

From now on, the second very significant search query became “Apple Inc”. Look and you will find six applications, including Garage Band (no space to write correctly – GarageBand), iPhoto, iMovie, and iWork package in its entirety. Apple pricing policy is sustained – all programs in dollar terms are the same as in the App Store, less than one cent. The developer is not without a sense of humor – as the contact e-mail, he said the following: Well, at least the ratings speak for themselves …


Apple started to increase purposes for Android, one thing goes to occur somewhat so exceptional. Despite the fact that there’s iTunes for Home windows (which is sort of a especially made sluggish, so individuals are switching to Mac). When Walt Mossberg requested Steve Jobs, “what it’s – to be an immense Home windows-developer”, co-founding father of Apple.

A number of hours after the looks, the apps offline by means of Google. It’s nonetheless doubtful whether or not the apps include malware, as an increasing number of apps on Google’s working gadget. In a future model of Google Play malware scanner can be put in .

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