Apple filed a patent “hybrid” wireless headphones for iPod and iPhone



States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Apple patent for a “hybrid” headphones. According to this document, the empire of Steve Jobs is considering the possibility of issuing a wired headset, which at any time can be removed from the player, turning into a wireless Bluetooth-headset.

Apple filed a patent «Detachable Wireless Listening Device» (“Detachable wireless playback device”) this week. Document title at number 20120250914 unusual and even strange. However, in Cupertino believe that the above accessory has the right to life, the more that something like this already exists in large counterparts.


Apple engineers idea is quite interesting: a hybrid wired and wireless headphones that are connected to each other by means of a magnetic connector a la MagSafe. This approach can be successfully solved several problems. First, tangled cables can simply be removed and unleash job of listening to music. Secondly, it is a good compromise for those who are not satisfied with the Bluetooth terms of sound quality, but who may have to use it in exceptional cases (for example, during the run). Third, it is unlikely people will always use the wireless mode, so that’s enough small batteries in the headphones, without having to increase the latter. Unfortunately, the timing of the Apple “hybrid wireless” headphone is not known.(via AppleInsider)

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