Apple Fired The Engineer Whose Daughter Posted iPhone X Hands-On Video



A video showing the iPhone X inside the Apple Caffe Macs from Cupertino HQ posted by Apple engineer’s daughter went viral on YouTube within a matter of second, but the price to pay was high: the father, Apple engineer who accompanied her daughter inside the campus, was  dismissed.

In a different video, the daughter Brooke explains that her dad was fired for violating Apple’s corporate rules, as he allowed her to “film a device that is not yet available on the market within the campus.” Immediately after the release of the video, Apple requested Brooke Peterson to take down the video from her YouTube, but it was too late now: the movie had already become viral, as well as being shared by hundreds of tech blogs.

The video may seem like an innocent hands-on, among other things, released only after the official presentation of the device, but the video also shows some special QR codes that Apple only gives employees. Also, for a few seconds, you see the Notes app with some notes that, apparently, include the code names of Apple products being developed.

Also, ignoring these small details, Apple prohibits any unauthorized replay inside the campus, as well as disclosing any video related to a device not yet on the market. Business rules strictly forbid the documentation and disclosure of hardware that is not yet available, whether they are photos, videos or descriptions of device features.

Apparently, the video was recorded in August, but was released by the daughter only after the presentation of the iPhone X and the publication of other online photo and video, not knowing that in any case it would violate the company’s rules for where her father works.

The engineer worked as an engineer for designing wireless circuits on new iPhones. In the video, he himself explains that in December he would be transferred to the new Apple Park. Part of the blame should also be attributed to this dad, who should have told his daughter not to ever publish and then the video

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