After the discovery of the chaiOS bug that blocks the Messages app on iOS and MacOS when opening a specific link, Apple has confirmed that a fix will arrive in the next week.

Apple says it has corrected the chaiOS bug already in iOS 6 beta 11.2.5 and that a public fix will be available next week. This suggests that in the coming days iOS 11.2.5 will therefore be available to all users.

The “chaiOS” link is a GitHub link that can block the Messages app on both iOS and MacOS. Not only that, in some cases, the opening of this link causes a sudden restart of the device, as well as battery problems and performance. From the tests carried out, the opening of this link seems to give different results.

In some cases, the link causes a reboot of the sender’s and recipient’s device, while in other cases it merely blocks the Messages app. On MacOS, the Safari app often crashed, while on iOS there are also slowdowns and abnormal battery consumption. Once the device is restarted, all the problems are solved and this link, although annoying, is mostly shared as a joke in the Messages app and on social networks.

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