Apple soon will release an additional update to iOS 6.1, which will be eliminated two serious vulnerabilities. The first is associated with increased consumption of battery mobile device, the second – with the possibility of access to the iPhone to bypass the password.

On the eve of the Internet was taken by a video showing the staff the opportunity to open the phone application on a locked iPhone by using the emergency call function. Created for the user to be able to call the emergency number even with a locked device, this button is available even on the lock screen. As planned by the developers, it can help a person can just dial the emergency number.

However, users have found that if the emergency call button to press several times, holding the power key, the lock is lost without entering a code. On the video on the Internet, this process is confirmed repeatedly. AllThingsD reporters managed to get official comment Apple representative Trudy Muller on the subject.

“Apple is committed to protecting user information. We are aware of the problem and correct the error in the next software update, “- he said.

It is noteworthy that in 2008, Apple has eliminated the bug with the lock screen iOS. Then the security flaw also enabled by a series of manipulations to bypass the password and get to the desktop.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDkLpj3MM-c]

Also, users of devices on iOS 6.1 complain of rapid discharge of the battery. The forum Apple states that in some cases, after the installation begins iPhone save battery by about 30% faster. As Apple promised to solve this.

This week the company has already released an update iOS 6.1.1 , but only for smartphones iPhone 4S. It identified several issues relating to the operation of the product networks 3G. The update issues have been eliminated.

Finally, another problem in the current iOS 6.1 is a failure on a number of devices, the synchronization between Microsoft Alternate and  iOS units. As Apple aware about the reason for the issues discovered and glued within the first replace.

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