Apple has solved the SMS vulnerability bug with iOS 6. This sets o f vulnerability was reported @pod2g by on Twitter. It is now no longer possible, in a text message than another person or institution to issue and so gain access to personal information such as login information and passwords. The problem is in Apple’s list of security issues that have been resolved in iOS 6. no further details were provided on how  Apple solved this problem.

At the time of the discovery of this vulnerability bug, Apple said in a statement that it recognized the problem affecting the iPhone iMessage. Waiting to fill the flaw and advised its customers to use its iMessage service it deems much more reliable in terms of safety.
To recap, the hacker explained that a hacker had only modify an address within the UDH (User Data Header) to find able to send SMS messages that may have the appearance of a trusted source, such as a bank. Users could easily be fooled as its response can be redirected to another number set up by the hacker, a phishing somehow.


In late August being rumored that Apple iOS 6 can be fixing the issue. Apple’s documentation confirms that this certainly came about. Pod2g’s discoveries are usually not handiest chargeable for resolving the SMS vulnerability. iOS 6 comes with further safety a good way to pride customers..

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