Apple focuses on charity program for employees


Apple CEO Tim Prepare dinner has his first good deed - one by Steve Jobs that we have never seen happen. He has announced a charity program for employees. If the employees money to a charity, Apple will double that amount to a maximum of $ 10,000 per year. The program is currently only available for U.S. full-time Apple employees, but will also expand to other countries. It was announced that CEO an email to Tim Cook sent the entire staff.



It shows that the program starts September 15 and deals with donations to nonprofits. Last week was still complaining that Steve Jobs never do in public donations to institutions or foundations, and U2 singer Bono took it for Jobs. He stressed that Apple tens of millions of dollars to combat AIDS has gleaned together by the sale of (Product) RED products. 9to5mac explains why the announcement of the charity program ever in the same way Steve Jobs would have done . Jobs is an advocate for charitable donations private. Moreover, the Apple PR department never have admitted that an internal email is genuine (which they have done so in this case). If Jobs is still in place had been had on the PR staff got wind from the front


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