Apple FRAND patent against Google’s Motorola rejected



Apple lawsuit filed against Motorola Mobility / Google has been deleted by judge Barbara Crabb . The  Cupertino company thought that Motorola would not adhere to the FRAND terms and thus excessive royalties asked for the patents in question. It is again a legal defeat for Apple in the battle against Android. Google completed the acquisition of Motorola Mobility last year and thus received 17,000 patents owned, which mainly will be used to defend Android against legal attacks from the competition.

According to the BBC , Motorola wanted 2.25 percent of the selling price of each Apple Product that uses some patents. Apple did not exceed $1 per unit sold to pay. This is also where the action revolves, the patents in question to Motorola licensed under FRAND conditions, this means that no exceptional amounts may be asked, however, may determine the price they often lead to many conflicts. For who now determined the price of a patent? There are often complex financial models, but these models are more like science than on a business deal.

The reason that Judge Barbara Crabb the case would have deleted that they doubt whether they have the legal authority to hear the claims of Apple. Shortly after this decision, Apple sent a legal letter, which stated that the company believes that Crabb is competent to rule on the matter. This letter is obviously meant to Crabb to persuade her to reconsider. If this does not happen, then there according FOSS Patents are few opportunities for Apple, because it is not possible to restart the case in another district.

After the verdict, let Motorola know that it’s nonetheless open to negotiating with Apple to move: “Motorola licenses for a very long time our in depth patent portfolio on an even and non-discriminatory tariff according to trade necessities.”

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