Apple plans to liberate later this 12 months is extra compact and more cost-effective iPad. At this step the company pushed the increasing competition in the market, especially from Google. Apple will try not to miss the niche of inexpensive tablets.


A new model of Apple's tablet will have a screen diagonal of seven to eight inches, and moreover that the last version of the iPad has a 9.7-inch screen, say sources familiar with the situation.
The new product, which the company must submit in October, will have high-definition screen, which is comparable with the iPad, released in March.
The compact and affordable version of the "pill" to strike at the ambitions of Google, Microsoft and Amazon, which are gaining momentum in the market of tablet PCs, analysts Sterne Agee & Leach Shaw Wu. The new device is likely the price will be closer to the tablet Nexus 7 from Google and Kindle Fire on the Amazon. Both devices have a 7-inch screen and cost $ 199, according to Bloomberg.

"It will be a terrible blow to the competition. The ball is on the side of the Apple », – said Shaw Wu.

Since the iPad from Apple first went on sale in 2010, an American corporation dominates the market for tablet
s, which are projected to DisplaySearch, could reach 66.4 billion dollars this year. According to the company Gartner, Apple takes 61% of the market.

But Apple's competitors are trying to recoup. Google said last week that it will release a tablet called the Nexus 7. And Microsoft has promised to release a "pill" called Surface, which will have the same screen size as the latest version of the iPad.

In the competition Apple will increase the chances of success if they focus on those markets where the products of American corporations almost never represented, according to Ovum analyst Jan Dawson. According to him, the tablet Surface, is likely to be aimed at buyers who want to continue using the software from Microsoft.
Although Microsoft did not disclose information on prices and output in terms of the sale, its a tablet, it may be more expensive th
an the iPad, and will apply to a new class of notebooks called "ultrabook," says Dawson. Last price range on the iPad is from  $249-299 .

Nexus 7 from Google can be more successful in the market than the Kindle Fire, which goes on sale in November. Nexus 7 has a faster processor than the Kindle Fire. In addition, the "pill" from Google has a front camera.

Nevertheless, it will be difficult to compete with cheaper tablet from Apple, said Shaw Wu. Device from Apple also compares favorably with the presence of more than 225,000 applications have been developed specifically for the iPad.


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