Apple Granted Exclusive Access To Liquidmetal Alloys for Consumer Products until 2015


liquidmetalApple extended the agreement for exclusive access to Liquidmetal Technologies metal alloys in consumer electronics items until February 2015, states an official letter of evidence directed to the U.S. Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC).

In 2010, Apple invested 20,6 million in Liquidmetal Technologies . Based on previously published details of the contract with the iPhone and iPad manufacturer , the latter is the sole owner of Liquidmetal technologies metal alloys in consumer .

According to 9to5Mac, Apple extended the agreement with Liquidmetal for another year. From the statement filed with the SEC, the company’s partnership will last until February 5, 2015 . The new agreement means that Apple seriously expects to release the product with the use of  Liquidmetal Technologies,

Innovative  LiquidMetal material has different unusual properties – with less weight it is almost 2.5 times higher than the best strength titanium alloys, and 2-3 times faster than by traditional metal deformation resistance . Furthermore, the material is highly resistant to corrosion and also has high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Of this alloy Apple already produces bracket to extract SIM- card of smartphones iPhone.

Advanced material combines advantages of metal , glass, plastic : it is durable , resistant to scratching and corrosion , and have complex shapes. Products created from a similar alloys are very durable , regardless of the shape and also less susceptible to the usual “fatigue” and weigh lighter. This means that Apple will be able to develop lighter and more compact smartphones, tablets and laptops, which in this case surpass strength analogs of competitors.

Observers say that Apple will make liquidmetal  only for some of their device components , and then release a ” revolutionary product ” based on it , which will be very difficult to be copied other manufacturers .

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