Apple granted virtual reality iPhone headset patent


apple-vr-1 (1)

Apple is working on a video Headset for iPhone? The company has been awarded a patent in the US at least, that goes in this direction.

Apple patent describes VR headset for iPhone
Patently Apple announced that the US Patent and -Markenamt Apple yesterday awarded 41 new patents. One covers a video headset or a virtual reality glasses. The concept is reminiscent of Samsung Oculus headset Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard: The user would use an iPhone in the glasses to use the screen for a 3D effect.


The iPhone screen would thus “bisect” every eye would see your own image. Apple also identifies opportunities such as the integration of real lying in front of the viewer image via a Picture-in-Picture-screen display of the camera image and control via voice commands.

As always with Apple patents is unclear whether the company actually working on a specific product. 9 to 5 Mac noting, however, that Apple was looking for in December after all, according to Oculus- and Leap Motion experts. Shortly before, there had also been an Apple ad for an employee to virtual reality projects.

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