Apple has developed a wireless controller for the iPhone’s camera


iPhone-patentBureau of patents and trademarks issued a U.S. patent for the Apple wireless controller that allows you to remotely control the iPhone smartphones camera. Remote control is usually required for the camera on a tripod , camera shake when unacceptable .

Apple patent describes a remote control, which connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth network or Wi-Fi. The device provides ability to remotely turn on and off camera phone , start or stop recording , and to have at any time access to the settings , such as the HDR- mode and flash. Information and image from the lens is duplicated on the remote screen.

Thanks to the integrated display device owner can view the captured images and remove unnecessary , without going to the iPhone. Also, the device can display a caption : frame rate, image resolution, ISO and other settings . Remote control can be connected to multiple iPhone and manage them simultaneously at a distance of a wireless connection.

The document Apple indicates that the remote control will come in handy when shooting a ” self “, as well as the macro , where even minor unwanted camera shake. On the timing of the appearance of the gadget on sale , not reported.

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