Apple is sitting on a pile of cash. Flows inside the firm a lot cash that there’s now a "pot" of $ 70 billion has been created.What fun things, Apple can do?In any case, they at once rivals Nokia, Research in Motion (the BlackBerry), HTC and Motorola.The total value of these four companies, namely $66 billion.Together the four account for 75% of all phones sold globally.


The amount of $ 70 billion comes from Horace Dediu of Asymco and is achieved when Apple later this month a new quarter closing.

But what is left?Samsung is not easy for $ 53 billion sale.Sony Ericsson with 3.0 billion dollars a bargain.And there is also the ailing LG, but that $ 10 billion worth.Other major players are not."While the market for phone manufacturers is still lower, increasing Apple's cash supply giant," writes Dediu.At one point, Apple has more money available than the entire phone industry (excluding Apple) worth.Samsung is the only device manufacturer that Apple must be cash money can buy.

Apple's shopping list is as follows:

  • Nokia: $ 22.6 billion
  • RIM: $ 13.8 billion
  • HTC: $ 25.4 billion
  • Motorola Mobility: $ 4.2 billion

Apple itself is too expensive to buy.Research firm Millward Brown recently calculated that Apple has $153.3 billion in the most valuable brand in the world.The value grew by 84 percent compared with last year, Apple took a hit thus in Google, which remains at $ 111.5 billion stabbing.IBM and Microsoft are on the sites 3 ​​and 4.

How is it that Apple has amassed so much money, while Nokia still sells the most phones?Apple makes the most profit, with relatively expensive equipment.While Nokia is dependent on the sale of many cheap equipment, which is hardly margin.In 2009, Apple Nokia already, in terms of profitability, only two years after she had stepped into the phone business. Apple recalls more than half of the profits generated, in the mobile phone market to be earned.

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