ios 7.1

ios 7.1

In the next update of iOS 7, Apple will solve issues with the version 7.1  firmware. This was stated in an interview with Mashable Apple spokeswoman Trudy Miller. This is an emergency closing of applications and desktop random reboots the iPhone and iPad.

The bug occurs mainly when the battery charge drops below 30 percent. Users of white iPhones get a white screen with black Apple logo, black iPhone users get a black screen with white Apple logo when the bug occurs, writes Mashable.

” We will eliminate the bug that causes a malfunction of the home screen in the next update of the operating system ,” – said Trudy.

Failures , which told the representative of Apple, occur on different models of devices running iOS 7. iPhone or iPad at an arbitrary stop working , showing a few seconds logo Apple, and then return to work . Failure occurs infrequently. It was discovered by users in iOS 7.0 and is observed even in the current version of iOS 7.0.4.

In Apple said that will solve the problem in the immediate updating of the system. It is not clear whether it will be in the form of a patch or iOS 7.0.5 firmware final iOS 7.1.
Apple is getting ready to release the  iOS 7.1 in which the fourth beta version was recently provided to developers, suggesting that the update may come quickly. The upcoming Apple firmware is intending to fix bugs, and  also changes to the design of iOS 7, including the use of round buttons and icons.

Currently Apple developers testing the fourth beta version of iOS 7.1. In the assembly includes interface changes and improvements in stability. Release the public version of iOS 7.1 is expected in March this year.

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