Apple has regained the lead in greenpeace ranking


greenpeaceLeading IT- corporations have improved environmental performance of its products. Another rating of “green” manufacturers published organization ” Greenpeace “.

Dialing 100 % leadership in the ranking regained Apple. Californian company position due to several factors , such as progress on environmentally sound procedures. To date, all data centers Apple, manufacturing facilities in Austin (USA), Elk Grove (USA), Cork (Ireland) and Munich (Germany ) , as well as the Apple campus in Cupertino fully provided from renewable energy sources . In other words, they get electricity from solar , wind , geothermal and hydro power plants .

In 2012, Greenpeace issued a sharp criticism of Apple and its influence on the data center environment. Activists reported that kupertinskaya Corporation lags far behind Google and Facebook in the field of alternative energy and energy conservation. Apple decided not to delay the response and has demonstrated its commitment to environmentally sound technologies . For two years the company has achieved leadership in the field of renewable energy .


The use of clean energy sources as an alternative to traditional fuels from natural resources equivalent to reducing the number of vehicles traveling on the road each year , at 24,000 , noted in ” Greenpeace .”

With respect to other companies , their progress is significantly lower. In particular, Google ranking was only 34%. The Internet Corporation for the operation of its “cloud” services , serving resources YouTube, Google Play and Gmail, uses “dirty” energy . Under fire “green” also hit Microsoft ( 29 %), eBay ( 6 %), IBM ( 18 %), HP ( 15%) and Amazon ( 15%). Latest criticized for lack of transparency in environmental matters. According to experts , Amazon is not willing to disclose information about how it is improving its operations to make its operations more environmentally friendly and safe for the environment.

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