Apple has released a new version of the remote app with support for iTunes Radio on Apple TV


Apple updates Remote app with better iTunesApple has released a new version of the application remote control , designed for remote control of your iTunes library with mobile devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In version 4.2 the company introduced a browse feature in the program purchased movies and TV shows , as well as for playing on Apple TV and the ability to control iTunes Radio service on set-top box Apple.


Radio iTunes, free Internet radio service , offering radio -based personal music preferences of the user , was launched last autumn. Streaming service , integrated into iTunes, devices for the operating system iOS 7 and Apple TV set-top box includes over 200 stations and a catalog of music from the iTunes Store. Over time, iTunes Radio varies , better adapting to the user’s preferences based on the music that he listens and downloads .


The new version of the remote control with the index 4.2 allows you to switch the radio and use the standard functions of the service : ” The new station on the song ,” ” Play similar “, ” Do not play that song ” and some others on the Apple TV. Also, now you can see in the program purchased movies and TV shows and play them back on the set-top box .


Release a major upgrade to the remote control held in November last year. The utility has a new design in the best traditions iOS 7 , “flat” icon and received the support of the latest version of iTunes.


With Remote for iOS devices 7 can control your music , TV programs and movies to iTunes 11 and Apple TV. The application supports the “Next” button , which allows you to easily find out which songs will be played next. Use the Add and Edit , you can at any time change the playback order , add or skip songs . And using the history , you can view and play the last performed songs . Remote 4.2 app is free.


Download Remote for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes Link]


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