iphone 5s 5c

iphone 5s 5cIt is known that the iPhone is the most popular phone in a number of markets – although the overall share of smartphones running Android more. Market research analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley and Chuck Jones from Forbes show that a total of less than 7 years, Apple shipped about 500 million iPhone handsets worldwide , earning her about $300 billion of total income.

The data cover the entire line of iPhone, from the original model presented in 2007 to the current iPhone 5s. By the end of July 2013 the number of iOS- communicators sold was 400 million units . For the current quarter, the volume of handsets sold reached 472 million units. Depending on the number of units sold in the last three months , the threshold of 500 million units sold , the iPhone could be reached on March 8.

However, Strategy Analytics believes that although the first five or six years were awesome , the coming years will be much more complex, in part because of the increasing onslaught of Android- competitors such as Samsung. According to experts, in the near future movements may also be delayed due to economic instability. However, the situation will be restored by the end of the year , after the release of a new generation of iPhone.

According to observers, the mark of 600 million smartphones sold Apple overcome by the end of 2014. Significant role to play in this new flagship model of the iPhone 6. Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves believes that massive orders components will begin in July , and the smartphone will go on sale in late September or in October.

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