Apple HDTV: three models planned for 2012?


As of late,  World Equities Analysis  "  pronounces a brand new Apple TV for 2012. The Apple HDTV is talked about within the ultimate observe from Go back and forth Chowdhry. The analyst believes  that there are "  seventy five% "likelihood that Cupertino markets a variety of televisions at some point of 2012 , possibly even from the start of the 12 months.


Still according to the analyst, the current VideoWave Bose, a 46-inch HDTV including 16 speakers, is the model closest to what could be the famous television made ​​in Apple. If the TV includes 3 cables Bose, Apple will wish to be limited to a single, maximum simplicity oblige.Apple would take the market so seriously that the company would provide not just one TV, but three, showing various diagonal and therefore different prices. The TV Bose cost of $ 5,200 …


The case of the Apple TV would be much thinner than the Bose and the craft would be powered by a processor developed by PA Semi, the founder bought out by Apple a few months ago. It could just as well that this screen contains a processor and rotates A5 iOS 5, as reported various rumors in recent weeks.

The video and audio quality would be at the top of the specifications of Apple, which is working on a TV with 16 speakers with a surround experience.Cupertino forces, the case would be even thinner than the VideoWave. The unitis powered by a processor developed by PA Semi, the founder bought out byApple a few months ago, but this chip is not yet in production.
Best of all, and proof that Apple is taking this market very seriously, there would be no single TV, but … three different screen sizes and prices ranging obviously growing.  

However that the agency responsible for the information (Editor's note: Global Equities Research) is not the most reliable, since from the past, it did not communicate very serious rumors. However, the rumor of an Apple TV is more relevant than ever and full of meaning![via AppleInsider]


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