Apple hires former Amazon Fire TV chief, Netflix exec to head Apple TV business


apple tvLike other companies that have recently taken important figures from the company based in Cupertino, Apple does not stop signing personnel to improve its services. The last known signing was that of Timothy Twerdhal, former head of the team that developed the Amazon Fire TV that also was executive of Netflix and Vice-president of Roku. As it could not be otherwise, the intention of Tim Cook and company with this signing is to improve the Apple TV, the set-top box of the apple.

Apple has already confirmed the signing of Twerdahl in Bloomberg or, what is the same, a Mark Gurman that last year left 9to5mac to get to work in a much more important information medium, something that got thanks to the good contacts he has In the world of technology. Cupertino says Twerdahl joined the company earlier this month. With this signing will also get Pete Distad more freedom and Twerdahl will work directly with Eddy Cue.

This signing comes shortly after Tim Cook revealed that they plan to add new features to the Apple TV. Cook commented that there would be news for his set-top box, but did not give any details about it. The arrival of Twerdahl confirms that they want to continue improving, but it does not help to imagine what they have prepared us.

We only have one question: why has Apple signed the Amazon Fire TV team boss if that device was not a success? It is likely that you are taking into account other things, such as the contacts you may have as you go through Netflix or the experience gained by working on Roku, another multimedia device that does seem to interest users. In any case and as always, we will still have to wait to see what translates the latest signing of Apple.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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