Apple HomePod Is Now $299


Apple has officially lowered the price of the HomePod speaker in the United States and other countries where the device is available, via 9to5Mac. .

The HomePod price has dropped from $349 to $299, probably to increase sales in a period of intense competition between Google Home and Amazon Echo, all smart speakers sold at much lower prices.

It is rare that Apple lowered the price of its devices before the launch of a new model, but similar cases have already been seen in the past for example with the third generation Apple TV, which went from 99 to $ 69. The next model was presented after 6 months.

The smart speaker market is dominated by Amazon and its Echo, even in the US where Apple has achieved an important market share, but certainly below expectations.

The Apple speaker was appreciated for its high audio quality, but smart features are very limited due to Siri’s problems.

Among other things, HomePod remains available in only a few countries. It is not excluded that this lowering of the price could be a clue to the launch of a second-generation HomePod by the end of the year.

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