he Cupertino continue betting on cloud storage and increase in the days before the presentation of the iPhone in July iCloud capacity up to 2TB. Those who wish to acquire this important storage capacity can do so for a very competitive price of $20 per month.

With the already mentioned date of September 7 September for the presentation of the new iPhone in July, Apple is preparing the way. A few days ago in the US down the price of Apple Watch, now the novelty comes with iCloud. And in this case is strong US technology, increasing the capacity up to 2TB.

The market clearly marks an upward trend regarding storage in the cloud. We are still far from knowing whether this bet will be a bubble. But the truth is that there is a strong commitment on the part of technology companies in this regard. Recently knew the bid of Amazon cloud storage. Google and Dropbox long ago did the respective. Now Apple, days before the big event, gives a blow of hand to the cloud storage market. Excellent capacity at an affordable price of $20 a month.


The apple have offered a tremendously exciting opportunity, so important for a modest fee amount. And the price of $20 is not high and for those who need high capacity storage, is an interesting offer.

The following are also available:

  • 5GB for free
  • 50GB for $0.99
  • 200GB for $2.99
  • 1TB for $9.99

The Californian company has always been known for being cutting edge and meet market trends. They also tend to do well those that arise. In this sense, this increase in capacity would be us saying that Apple believes that the cloud is a market with a future.

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