The iMac Pro, one of the most powerful Mac of the Cupertino company was presented at WWDC 2017, but without a clear release date to the public. Today, an official date has already been given to start buying it, in the stores around the world, on December 14, 2017. The base price of this computer is $5,000. Beforehand selected people were allowed to try the high-end iMac.

Benchmark tests show a fast-paced iMac Pro

Everything else would have been disappointing: The iMac Pro is currently the fastest iMac. The tester, equipped with 10 cores, has achieved a multi-core value of 37,400 in the Geekbench test and is thus about 45 percent faster than the top model from 2013, which comes after all to almost 26,000 points. The iMac Pro with 18 cores has not yet been made available to testers, so it can be expected to work even faster.

This price is not for all users, and we just appreciate in the Store how they have been updated, although later, the stores of the rest of the countries of the world and now it can be confirmed that it will be available worldwide without country restrictions.

The specifications we told you in the article that we dedicated in its presentation, being totally impressive, with an impressive connectivity and a processor of the highest quality. It is capable of operating two external 5K monitors, almost nothing.


Developer Cabel Sasser has discovered that the iMac Pro has a new chip called T2 that stores sensitive data – and the actual system as well. Passwords, data for a secure restart, control interfaces, audio data and Co. are stored there.

Accessories now available in Space Gray


With the iMac Pro, Apple also ships a new Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. Of course, they are not really new, but the color space gray is new. So far, the new color version is only available together with the iMac Pro. Whether Apple will offer the new color collection for single purchase, remains to be seen. Also new is a Lightning cable in black. Well, a lightning cable in black is on Amazon like sand on the sea.

The color with which this iMac is Space Gray, not sure yet if it is worth almost $4,999 the most basic model.

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