Apple in good hands with bigger role for Jonathan Ive, Analysts say



The surprising departure of Scot Forstall from Apple, and the new team led by CEO Tim Cook to an important new role for Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ivy, according to many, is a sign that the company is now in good hands.

The acclaimed designer of Apple will now not only deal with hardware design, but he would deal with the development of interfaces for the Apple software will be used, in recent years several Ivy would have had conflicts with Forstall on the designs of various software applications.

Gene Munster (Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst): “The announcement yesterday confirmed without doubt that Ivy in the coming years will remain linked to Apple, it will be for shareholders and investors a reassuring thought, since many questions were about the future of Apple without Ivy. “

This news, combined with the contract of Tim Cook that another ten years running from Apple, meaning that the company has two of the most important positions filled in for the long term.”

The man who is currently responsible for the online services, Eddy Cue, will be leading the team responsible for the development of Apple Maps and Siri. In addition, Craig Federighi is responsible for the development of iOS and OS X.

We believe that despite the departure of Forstall who led the iOS department, the future of iOS is in good hands.”

Although it is still unclear what the real reason is that Forstall, the company had to leave, it seems that one of the reasons was that Forstall was not going to sign the apology letter  for the disappointing maps provider in iOS 6 .

On the other hand, there are sources that say that the departure of Forstall for years was once coming, and that the issue with the carrier maps the straw used to be:

Despite the fact that the departure of Scott Forstall can also be viewed as a shock, it appears additionally that This seems to be a part of Tim Prepare dinner hanging his personal stamp on the corporate, and importantly, he’s nonetheless surrounded via a number of key lengthy-time Apple executives and innovators”.”

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