Apple in talks to acquire streaming music service Tidal



Yesterday June 30, Apple music service Music played a year of life. After this first year, the company has managed to reach 15 million subscribers, a figure that is not bad considering that is a newcomer to the market, although it has received the support of the entire ecosystem where available: iOS, tvOS , Android and macOS. Apple has acknowledged the malfunction and the application has remodeled completely with the arrival of iOS 10 as we could already see the users who are using the first beta of iOS 10.

Apple bought in 2014, the music streaming service Beats 3,000 million, service tailored to your needs to launch Apple Music a year later, on June 30,2015. Since then there have been many users who have expressed their discomfort confusion caused by the use of application, especially in the iOS platform.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks with rapper Jay Z to acquire Tidal music service. According to the newspaper, this information has been leaked by sources close to the negotiations. Apparently both companies have held several interviews to test the waters and see if there really is interest on both sides. If negotiations finally come to fruition, this purchase would be a new impetus for the streaming music service Apple Music.

A spokesman for Tidal states that have not held any talks with Apple. Not the first, and I will not be the last, that rumors about the possible interest of other companies are published by Tidal buy. A few months ago, the rumor that Samsung may intend to buy it to expand its streaming music service leaked, but ultimately the talks failed to reach fruition.

What suggests in this rumor is that the owners want to get rid of this Tidal music service, since otherwise there would be published every few months about a possible purchase related news. Currently and according to official figures Tidal platform streaming music artists, has 4.2 million subscribers. Of those 4.2 million subscribers, 45% are paying the fee of $ 19.99 per enjoy music with superior quality, one of the unique advantages it can offer Tidal to music lovers.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)

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