Apple in talks with cable providers on Apple TV set-top box


Consistent with The Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks with cable companies in order to bring cable to its black shiny the Apple TV set-top box. It appears that Apple has its own database of TV shows build up and thus concerned competing with the cable companies. In the past, Apple talks with media companies, to offered directly to customers TV Shows.

To do this, Apple content licenses should close with the production houses. To some extent this has already happened, eg the provision of TV shows via the iTunes Store. But that has not beenfully schedule by Apple TV.

The new approach ensures that cable providers via an Apple device will connect to the television. Possibly the agreemen
ts were not directly intended for the current Apple TV, but for a future device. Two people who were briefed by Apple on the developments (and from the school clapped) reported that the technology can also be built into TVs.

With this technology you can watch live television and older programs on demand again. The talks seem to only play with the biggest U.S. cable providers. Cable companies often have their own technical systems and devices, making it difficult to conclude agreements. There would be no deals have been concluded, but that has more to do with the concerns of operators about Apple's interference, than with technology.

WSJ thinks that Apple's set-top box will be a product that aftermarket will be purchased (ie apart from the close of your cable subscription). The device would cost hundreds of dollars go, instead of 10 to 15 dollars per month that consumers now pay to use a device from the cable company. It is already possible to switch from your cable company to rep
lace, such as Tivo in the U.S. shows: they have a device that is CableCARD technology used and that your normal set-top box from the cable provider can replace.

Apple would have been over two years working on developing a set-top box. The idea was Steve Jobs put aside because there is no major national providers such as the iPhone was possible. Through an agreement with AT&T Apple iPhone could be connected in virtually throughout the U.S. offer. The cable companies often involve local suppliers and companies who have also struggled to hold on the market to let. An extra player also means that a part of the turnover towards Apple needs.


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