The Financial Times reports that Samsung and Apple are in talks with the GSMA, the association of the mobile telecommunications industry to begin to employ the use of SIM cards in their mobile electronic devices. These calls e-SIM cards, they differ from their predecessors in that no physical block users to one specific network.

The biggest advantage of e-SIMs is that the user can change any device from a network instantly. This means that, for example, a mobile phone will no longer be tied to AT&T, they will be enabled to work with any network that supports this type of technology..

The GSMA, an association representing 850 mobile operators in 218 countries have engaged in discussions with Apple and Samsung to integrate a SIM card called “e-SIM” directly into next generation of smartphones/ tablets. It would be inaccessible by the user and would also move from one operator to another without difficulty.

Nevertheless, operators could obviously impose their own rules for this type of activity. If talks are ongoing, it is therefore expected that the mobile industry come to change in the future. He even says that many operators (AT&T and others) are ready to follow suit by 2016. It is therefore not excluded that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S  Plus are more concerned with this e-SIM …

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