Apple to include live local programming in TV bundle



Apple is reportedly planning later this year alongside a new audio service, the idea of ​​a video service, live TV will allow. The latter could now stand on a wobbly schedule. Re/code reported Apple is planning for the introduction of the own TV service is an option that is not currently offering the competition: The involvement of local TV stations.

What this means for Apple, however, much more complex negotiation because the local stations often do not belong directly to the major broadcasters. Therefore the rights for local broadcasts and locally adapted advertising must be double checked.

As an example, called Re/code mentioned the app “Watch ABC”, which has been said to have negotiated two years contract to secure the rights for a live stream. The result is a live program, the audience stands in eight cities.

Not only the rights represent a hurdle, but also the availability of the video sources that require a new infrastructure for live streams.

All this could mean that a US launch in the fall is not possible. According to inside sources Apple is said to have further yet signed any agreements with TV operators. A presentation during the WWDC is unlikely.

The TV bosses are Apple’s plans, however, are very open to and look at the TV streaming service as another good source of income. They do not see any technical problems, the biggest hurdle is the money. The question is not whether the service start, but when.

With Apple offering the programs would no longer be limited only to the television, but also widely available on millions of new devices. One limitation of the service on Apple TV so will not give it.

Apple’s plan could involve also local television stations as a surprise to some. Viewers who are interested in Web-TV are, interested at first glance may not reflect on local TV. However, Apple wants to address the vast majority, not just Web-TV enthusiasts with the new service.

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