Acquired an iPhone 4S not quite perfect, stops functioning, it may be difficult to sell it used. You might consider a small repair, making your device attractive to a buyer. But you can also contact Apple. Through the recycling program  to get some money for your used iPhone .


The price you get for your old phone depends on the condition of the phone. A perfectly functioning iPhone 4S yields the following.

16GB iPhone 4S: $285
32GB iPhone 4S: $330
64GB iPhone 4S: $345



At cheaper versions might be advantageous to participate in the recycling program. The more RAM, is expensive iPhones on the secondhand market, almost always get more. The price you get depends on the state of the phone finds. For a disfunctional  64GB iPhone 4S with water damage or broken LCD screen when you get  only $50. Is there water damage but the iPhone still working, you get roughly $155. Only the glass piece, or is there a crack in the edge?  The exact price you will hear when your iPhone is sent to Dataserv GmbH, the company that handles Apple‘s recycling program. The older iPhones are still in the program, but make hardly anything on. For a perfectly functioning 4GB iPhone first generation, does not have any value. Selling on eBay delivers undoubtedly more

Would you send your iPhone to the Apple recycling program, fill in a form. then get an envelope where you can put your iPhone. Once the phone has checked you get a voucher for the Apple Store.   According to Matt Brian get more money this year than last year, when your iPhone 4 could send in anticipation of the iPhone 4S.


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