Apple Increased iCloud Storage For Students To 200GB


iCloudThis year, Apple has done more for the education than ever before, students will be getting 200 GB of storage in iCloud, basically 195 GB on top of the 5GB already owned. No further detail has been provided, but this information is what they shared during yesterday’s Keynote.

This is nothing less than 195 GB above what the company was offering up to now. Of course they have put the batteries and based on good in this aspect. The problem is that only users who have an Apple ID managed by systems assigned to educational centers that have the Apple system will be able to take advantage of these capabilities, that is, the “.edu” accounts or the Undays alternatives are completely discarded. So, it is not an open possibility to all users.

The other novelty is that users of Unidays, the shopping system for the education sector of Apple, will have discounts on the new iPad 2018 and the Apple Pencil, but that is something that had been happening for some time. In Spain we will be able to do with the iPad 2018 for $329 as mentioned in yesterday’ post. While we are waiting for Logitech to give us more information about Crayon, their new “cheap” alternative to the Apple Pencil that they have announced for only $50, we will surely be able to try it for all of you.

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