iOS 7.1 update

iOS 7.1 update

Apple released an update of the  iOS 7.1 firmware on March 10. And although the company continues to support the iPhone 4 , which was introduced in 2010 , Owners of this model do not have access to some Apple iOS platform.

One of the biggest advantages of the iOS mobile platform over its competitors is not only long-term support for older devices, but at the same time and release updates to their releases for newer devices. This approach allows the holders of not even the newest models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch do not feel deprived of attention Apple, and the latter continues to sell products of previous generations.

Experts at Ars Technica say, the iPhone 4 compare the performance on platforms iOS 6.1.3, iOS 7.0 and iOS 7.1, the latest in smartphone assembly began to work much faster than the previous release.

iPhone 4According to the preceding table , the fastest iPhone 4 worked under iOS 6.1.3. After the transition to iOS 7.0 performance plummeted , upgrade to iOS 7.1 improve performance . Phone became responsive to user much better places without any annoying pauses. This has been achieved by optimizing the operating system.

However, the performance of the iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1 Benchmark estimating speed graphics processor and ” rate » JavaScript-« engine » , remained at the same level.

According to rumors , iOS 7.1 will be the last update for the iPhone 4. Currently, Apple is working on iOS 8 , and , as history shows , news of this release will focus on the new flagship iPhone 6. Owners “fours” should probably think about upgrading

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