Apple increased the speed and reliability of Touch ID in iOS 7.1.1


iphone 5s touch id ios 7.1.1

Released last week, iOS 7.1.1 update not only greatly increase the battery life of mobile devices, but also changed the algorithm of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s, making its module is faster and more reliable .

Touch ID Fingerprint sensor captures the ” cast ” with a resolution of 500ppi and sends it to a protected cache iPhone 5s. After processing the biometric data and transfer them to a safe environment Secure Enclave they immediately removed. At a thickness of 170 microns ( twice as thick as a human hair) scanner analyzes layers of the skin .

As told by a forum user with the nickname Reddit iOSecure, the operating system iOS 7.1.1 during setup Touch ID made ​​several scans for each finger position and uses special algorithms to prevent errors .

In earlier versions of iOS scanner had to improve recognition accuracy with every ” metering “. However, inadequate technology has led to the fact that , over time, Touch ID impairs reading fingerprint data. As a result, the user had to remove fingerprint profile of the iPhone and do a rescan .

IOS 7.1.1 update not only solved the problem with a sensor , improving the reliability of the scan , but also reduced the time required for the analysis of iPhone 5s print. This allowed Apple to increase the speed of the Touch ID.

IOS 7.1.1 update came out on April 22. Visible change in the firmware were only one thing: the App Store is now directly under the price tag of the application icon appears “Embedded purchases.” This is due to claims against Apple users whose children make purchases without their parents’ knowledge . In addition to updating the App Store iOS 7.1.1 fixes a bug that allegedly violate the virtual keyboard iPhone and iPad, and improved work with Bluetooth- enabled keyboards sound system commands entered.

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