Apple increases the price of iOS and Mac developers program in Europe


developer program

With the arrival of 2015, Apple has raised the annual price that developers has to pay to be part of  iOS and Mac developer program,  the increase in Italy has seen an increase in the cost to shell out €11, with a price passing from €80 to €99; increases were implemented also for Germany and other countries, while the increase is also expected to developers in the UK, where the pound now required to enroll in the program increased from £60 to £79 per year. Unlike in the United States the price remains unchanged at $99.

This means that we spent 80 Euros which was previously paid to enroll in the program current Mac at €99, this must also add that it is exactly the same with the iOS Developer Program. This step of registration and payment is required for all developers who want to see their published applications in both the iOS App Store and the Mac App Store respectively.

But that is not here, but due to changed the charge VAT on the price of the applications which passes from 15% to 21%, also will see how increases the overall price of such applications in both stores. This coupled with the already mentioned instability of the Russian currency, the dollar’s recovery and changing legislation regarding the taxation carried out so far that Apple has made the price adjustment equally to all countries in the European Union.

From now,  Apple will calculate taxes based on customer country of origin, rather than what has been done so far, ie applying a standard VAT rate for all EU countries.

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