In recent days, Apple has introduced new features iCloud.com without making much noise about it. Users have been on cloud platform which have been discovered these tools to your photos stored in iCloud Photo Library that were not there before. Both developments have added the company are available only to those who are using iCloud Photo Library on different devices, to store all your photos in the cloud. To find out if you have it on, just go, on your iPhone or iPad, to Settings- iCloud- Photos- iCloud Photo Library.

Once this option is enabled, you can access all the photos from your iPhone through the browser on your PC or Mac, using your personal account on iCloud.com. There you will find two new options


The first one will allow you to “zoom in” photo, to see larger, which, undoubtedly facilitate the navigation for many users. The second tool implemented, also of great relevance, allows us to share the pictures by e-mail directly from iCloud.com, which was not possible until now.

The iCloud Photo library allows for iOS 8.1 to sync photos directly from iOS devices. At the beginning of this year to a new Photos app for OS X will appear that will replace iPhoto and Aperture. Exactly when that happens, however, is not yet known.

Gradually, Apple improves its options in the cloud. It does slowly, something that could hurt considering its major competitors updated tools in the cloud faster, more affordable, as in the case of Google. If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you’ve seen how it has improved iCloud Photo Library, despite being still under beta ..

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