Apple Introduced Headphone Specs With Lightning Cable MFi Interface


beats-lightningFollowing purchase reports of the Beats and alleged iTunes music in high quality support , Apple introduced a new specifications with lightning cable MFi for headphones. As part of manufacturer changes, headphones plug can be created instead of the standard 3.5 – mm Lightning audio jack for the iPhone and iPad. Experts did not exclude that Apple is preparing a specialized version of branded in-ear headphones for fans with  high-quality sound .

“The Lightning headphones will be capable of receiving lossless stereo 48 kHz digital audio output from Apple devices and sending mono 48 kHz digital audio input. The input means that the headphones will also support a microphone for audio input following Apple’s upcoming update. Manufacturers will be able to take advantage of Apple Headphone Remote controls like Volume Up/Down/etc, as well as other buttons for launching specific apps such as iTunes Radio or initiating playback controls on iOS. In addition, the headphones can be made to work specifically with a companion iOS app and launch a specific app when connected to an iOS device“- writes 9to5Mac.

Last month it was reported that for the WWDC 2014,  in addition to the presentation of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 operating system,  Apple was preparing a special surprise . The company must submit a supposedly new audio format in iTunes for music lovers . Implementation of this plan involves the appearance in the musical catalog of content in HD-quality . Moreover, informed sources say that an impressive backlog lossless of Apple music was kept for several years .

In connection with the new MFI specifications and Beats transaction , it is now assumed that the Cupertin0 giant is preparing its own branded version of the headphone with interface Lightning, designed for high-quality sound .

Earlier there were rumors that the new iOS 8 will support high quality music. As a result, iPhone and iPad users will be able to listen to tracks in their original form, without any loss in sound quality .

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