Apple presented during the new iPhone 7 event, an upgraded version of the Apple Watch. The last time the Cupertino company introduced a smartwatch was two years ago, in September 2014. On that occasion, Tim Cook announced that the device would be kept and attractive rectangular design with metal body and straps of different materials.

Now the announcement has taken place after the surprise generated by the union between Nintendo and Apple to bring the app store something nobody can stop having on your device: a game of Super Mario Bros.

The new watch Apple will have an integrated application that enables, with a single click, the user can contact 911 and will contact emergency services. Games, press,  live sport results, fitness apps monitoring … all in one device.

But the surprise was not there, but the company also announced another big surprise: the integration of Pokemon go on your Apple Watch. CEO created this application Niantic game exclusively for the Apple system.

A lot has been written in recent months about whether Apple finally launched a new generation of Apple Watch and the characteristics that may contain this new version so far is the most customizable device.. Among the most prominent rumors there was much talk about the inclusion of new sensors such as GPS that would make it more independent from iPhone, capacity water resistance and a larger battery. Let’s see what surprises us in this long-awaited Apple Keynote.

Now you can immerse the Apple Watch Series 2 smoothly

The Apple Watch Series 2 is more water resistant than ever because it is resistant to a depth of 50 meters. Users will be happy to practice swimming since there will be no problem when they are practicing this sport. New S2 processor for the Apple Watch with integrated GPS

  • New GPU.
  • New integrated GPS.
  • Two cores (two times faster than the first generation).
  • Apple Watch Series 2 screen integrates second generation is two times brighter than the first generation.
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 will be able to expel water through the speaker by a vibrating mechanism / movement.

Apple Watch Series 2 Price 

The initial output price Apple Watch Series 2 is $349. and will be available on September 16. Countries yet to be confirmed.

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